Rare Breeds:  Drysdale

Wendy Beer runs the only registered flock of Drysdale sheep in Australia.  The farm takes a sustainability approach to farming.  The Drysdales are raised in clean pastures to keep veggie matter low in the fleece.

Wendy took the flock over from her cousin and has continued the breeding process.  She keeps her flock active at competitions. Wendy would love to hear from enthusiasts of Drysdales and other breeders of the same via email, Facebook, or phone.  If you call ahead, you could even get a tour around to see the flock. Wendy is part of the new generation and even uses Etsy to sell her products. All links are provided below.

Wendy can provide you with unwashed fleece of this beautiful breed for your most durable wool projects.  Wendy says the fleece washes easily.  Why not try something out of your normal project type and make something that will last and last!


Fleece  (unwashed)

Contact info

Ms Wendy Beer
+61 401 815 050
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128 Castle Hill Road
Moorngag, VIC 3673