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We want to hear from you.  Read through the options below and choose the best that fits and fill in the associated form. 

Do you raise rare breed sheep?

We would love to get you connected with this project. We would be interested in hearing about your flock, your efforts, and your fibre.   Take a moment to fill in some information about you and your flock by clicking here.

Do you have products that you sell that are or could be made from rare breed sheep fibres?

We would like to include information about you on this website so that others can source processed fibres or rare breed products from you.  Contact us by filling in a bit of information about what you do or would like to do by clicking here

Are you a fibre artist that wants to help? 

We are always looking for fibre artists that have used or would like to use rare breed fibres in their works.  Please send us an email so that we can work with you to either show what you have created or use your skills to create feature works for specific breeds.  Your work may be placed on the website to help others see how they might use the fibres as well as advertise your work to end consumers.  Take a moment to fill in our online form/email with information about what you can do with these fibres and we may get you involved with one of the rare breed sheep projects. Click here.

Are you interested in buying some fibre or finished products, but can't find here?

There are so many different types of fibre and rare breed sheep.  If you can't find the specific fibre, please contact us by clicking here.  Maybe we can help.

Just want to send us a note or get involved? 

Do you know a breeder, fibre artist or simply have a comment/query?  Send us a note by clicking here.  We love to hear from you. 

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