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We are delighted that you have found us and want to get to know us.  Please respond to the form below (which will be emailed to us when you press "submit".  Information on the form may be put on the website so that others can find you.  

Provide the name of the property, business, or how you are known to your association.
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Provide the name of the person that should be contacted by us (and buyers if you offer fibre from your flock)
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Please provide the address of your flock. If you don't want to include the address, just provide the nearest city/town and state so that we can put you on a map with your breed. Fibre artists like to know from where their fibre comes.
Getting to know you and your flock
This section helps us better understand a bit about you, your goals and your flock. Try it out and see how you go. It will really help us out. And if you have comments about how to make it better, put them in the email message section.
Special things about our sheep that people should know
Compiled below are some special things that breeders have noted about the way they manage their flock. Tick all that apply. And as always, make any comments in the email message at the top that make sense.
Products available
Not everyone sells products directly to the public, but if you do, please tick all that apply below. If you have ticked "other" please mention what that is in your message.
Thoughts about your business and flock
Please select all that apply.
Please insert the name of a Facebook page you use to update people about the status of your flock or your wool product offerings (if you have one, of course)
Let us know how long you have been working with the breed. And if you have been raising sheep for years but only just added a rare breed, put it in your email comments.
Please let me know a bit about you, your business, etc. Also include any commentary/corrections where our form just didn't allow you to answer the way you wanted to answer.
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The information you provide here will help us write up an article on your flock. In particular, it will help fibre artists understand a bit about your flock and fleece offerings so that they can contact you.