Fernlea Elliottdales

Rare Breed(s):  Elliottdales

The Elliottdale breed was developed at the Elliott Research Station in Tasmania in the 1970's. Carl Terrey joined the project in 1986 as the breed was being comercialised and the Australian carpet wool industry established.  When the Elliottdale project was terminated in 1993,  Carl purchased several of the sheep at the clearing auction, and took them home to his own property.  He has continued with them as a stud.

However at 74, Carl finds a property increasingly difficult and must consider selling his property and moving to town. There are only two Elliottdale flocks left, with a total of about 300 ewes.  So the breed is in serious risk of extinction. Carl has about 120 ewes which Carl's long time knowledge of the breed ensures that the genetic linges are meticulously kept: six families, 20 ewes in each group. Carl would love to facilitate the transfer of the stud to someone with a passion for breeding a special rare breed of sheep.


Fleece  (unwashed)

Rams and ewes

Interested in finding new home for flock

Contact info

Carl and Jann Terrey
+61 3 6438 1425

"Fernlea", 33 Baulds Hill Road
Oldina TAS 7325

P.O. Box 336
Wynyard TAS 7325