Rare Breed(s):  Dorset Down

Margaret and Colin Chapman have a farm at Wedderburn, Victoria where there are both Dorset Down and Corriedale sheep. The sheep were introduced to the farm by Margaret's grandfather, Walter Turnbull, with Corriedale sheep arriving in late 1800s and Dorset Down in 1945. There are currently 90 Dorset Down breeding ewes and 100 Corriedale breeding ewes at Wedderburn.

Margaret and Colin are founding members of the Dorset Down Sheep Society of Australia. Margaret has been a committee member of Australian Stud Sheep Breeders’ Association (Victorian Branch) since 2003.  And Colin is President of Heritage Sheep Australia. The Chapmans are very keen to preserve Dorset Down sheep in Australia where there are now only five registered sheep studs.

The Chapmans have taken a sustainable/permaculture approach to their farming. Colin and Margaret would like to sell their beautiful wool fleece to fibre enthusiasts directly.  You can contact them by email or phone to discuss what you would like to buy.  If you plan on being in the area, call ahead to organise a time to visit their lovely property and see the Dorset Down sheep for yourself. 


Fleece - white (unwashed and washed)

Rams or ewes


Contact info

Margaret and Colin Chapman
93 Mt Robertson Rd
New Gisborne, Victoria 3438

phone: +61 417 052 383
email:  colin.chapman@monash.edu