Where do I find....

Since starting this project, we have had so many queries about where to find particular breeders.  We have put together an interactive map so that you can source the breeders close to you or while visiting an area.

It is best to contact the breeders (prior to just showing up) to ensure they can help.  Also, it is quite possible that Google maps has stuck a pin in a not-so-very-accurate location.  And, as we know, in a big country like Australia, this can be a long way off.

Each breeder has their own list of things that they supply as part of their flock.  Some have fleece (but only at certain times of the year).  The fleece may be raw or washed.  Some breeders have invested in having roving or even yarn. And many breeders will have ewes, rams, lambs.  At least one breeder even offers meat.

If you are considering a sheep as a mower for your garden, why not choose a rare breed?  Breeders can keep a limited number of their sheep.  Buying a sheep from a rare sheep breeder will help financially support the next generation of rare breed sheep, even if you don't intend to produce them yourself.

Have a look at the map to see what breeds are near you or maybe which would be worth a road trip!